Can I Add My Mobile Home to My Will?

According to various resources, an estimated 17 to 22 million Americans currently live in Mobile homes, making it a valid asset for many people to consider when creating their estate plan. Planning for the devise of a mobile home requires some special attention, as legally they can be viewed as real estate in some situations. A mobile home by itself is considered personal property and if you do not own the land upon which it sits, or if you only rent the land, it stays in the category of personal property and not real estate. 

However, if you own the mobile home AND the property on which it sits, you can transfer your mobile home into real estate. In order to be real estate the property must be permanent and you’ll likely have to submit an application with your state to have the ownership of the home and the land combined into one. 

If you own your mobile home and the land on which it sits, it is considered real estate and you would add it to your Will in the same way as any other real estate asset. It is important to note, though, that regardless of whether or not your mobile home is considered property, it still has a title that will need to be transferred over to the beneficiary you leave it to, upon your death. 

If your mobile home is not permanently affixed to land that you own and is therefore considered personal property and not real estate, you will leave only the mobile home to a beneficiary in your Will. Obviously, it will be up to the recipient of the mobile to take over any rental payments for the land it sits on or moving the mobile home to a new location. 

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