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One of the things that struck me the most when I joined the firm was how kind and helpful all of the staff were and Kim Silva was no exception. From day one, she has helped “show me the ropes” and is always eager to offer her services if anyone needs assistance. I’ve yet to come to work and see her with anything but a bubbly, vibrant attitude and I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know her and her family (even her daughter works here from time-to-time!). It’s my pleasure to share a little bit of Kim with our readers. 


Kim, tell us where you’re from and what brought you to the Eastern Shore?


I was born in Florida and grew up in South Carolina. After marrying the love of my life, his job took us from Charleston, South Carolina to California, to Texas, and then finally to the Eastern Shore. We’ve now lived here in Daphne for 14 years.  


What about hobbies/family life? What do you like to do for fun?


Faith and family are what define me. I have been married 24 years and have two beautiful daughters.  Children and youth ministries have been a huge part of my life.  I enjoy spending time with family, whether it is going to the beach, traveling to visit distant relatives or just grilling and hanging out by our pool. Fortunately, I inherited a green thumb from my mother and grandmother, so my flower gardens are a big passion project for me. I also enjoy sitting on my back porch after a long day and watching a variety of backyard birds with my husband.   


How long have you been with Davis, Davis & Associates and how would you define your role here?


I started in the legal field 34 years ago and have had many roles throughout my career.  Primarily, I’ve worked as a litigation paralegal and I absolutely love what I do.  I have worked at DDA for almost 11 years. Daily case management, preparing for and attending depositions, hearings and trials are a big part of what I do at DDA. I am fortunate and grateful to be able to interact with and form lasting relationships with our clients.


What motivates you?


Family motivates me! And helping others. Having been brought up in the church, I have been surrounded by faithful, loving and giving people. I have the desire and determination to pay that forward. 


Having worked in the legal field for so long, what would you say makes DDA “unique” or “special” to you?


DDA is not just a place of work; we are a team; we are family.  We have been through marriages, births, deaths, and retirements together.  Everyone genuinely cares for one another.  This firm is unlike any that I have worked for and my hopes will be to retire here (but I’m told that cannot happen anytime soon! Ha!) 


We keep the best question for last…what is your guilty pleasure?!


Aside from peanut M&Ms, I guess my guilty pleasure would be plant shopping. I won’t ever turn down an opportunity to go to a nursery or plant store. Even though my husband knows what he’s getting himself into, he still always asks if I want to tag along with him going to Lowe’s. 

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