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I’ve Been Appointed as Executor of a Will…Now What?

Before appointing someone—or accepting an appointment, as it relates to the Executor of a Will, it’s important to know the duties and responsibilities that come with that role. As an Executor, perhaps the most important thing to know is that the process will take time and it will require good organizational skills. Essentially, as an […]

“Letter of Testamentary” Explained

It’s a common misconception that some people assume if they are in possession of someone’s Will, and especially if they are the named Executor of said Will, that they can start acting immediately upon that person’s passing. This can include taking actions like removing personal property from the decedent’s home, selling vehicles or other possessions, […]

Get to Know…Hillary Cunningham

In our latest blog post of the “Get to Know” series, we are featuring someone very near and dear to my heart. I know, I say that about everyone here, but Hillary just so happens to be my personal assistant and she is quite literally my right hand woman. I have never met someone so […]

Can I Add My Mobile Home to My Will?

According to various resources, an estimated 17 to 22 million Americans currently live in Mobile homes, making it a valid asset for many people to consider when creating their estate plan. Planning for the devise of a mobile home requires some special attention, as legally they can be viewed as real estate in some situations. […]

Different Types of Bequests in a Will or Trust

When the time comes for you to get your estate plan in order, the two most important questions you’ll need to answer is (1) who are you going to appoint as your Executor (and ideally a successor Executor)? And (2) how are you going to distribute your assets? In short, the gifting of your property […]

Should You Add a No-Contest Clause in Your Will/Trust

As we all know, family dynamics can make estate planning challenging. When I have clients that are concerned about a specific individual challenging the validity of their will or trust, they often ask me if they should add a no-contest clause provision in their estate plan. In theory these clauses are designed to prevent unhappy […]

Get to Know…Camille Ford

In our third “Get to Know” post of the series, we are finally featuring one of our attorneys! You really can’t know Camille without liking her. She has a laid back, warm presence about her, which she often uses to hide her intelligence and sharp wit. We are very lucky to have her at Davis, […]

What Happens to My Pets When I Die?

Believe it or not, almost 1/3 of the estate planning documents I draft—whether it’s a standard Will or a Living Trust—have pet provisions. Just like provisions in estate planning documents that dictate where your personal property goes upon your passing, you can put language in place to ensure that your beloved pets are provided for […]

Storage of Estate Planning Documents: What to Know

I’ve been practicing for long enough at this point in my life that I can tell a real life story for almost every situation that occurs and boy, do I have stories about mishaps regarding the storage of vital estate planning documents. From Wills being locked in safety deposit boxes to Health Care documents being […]

Get to Know…Kim Silva

One of the things that struck me the most when I joined the firm was how kind and helpful all of the staff were and Kim Silva was no exception. From day one, she has helped “show me the ropes” and is always eager to offer her services if anyone needs assistance. I’ve yet to […]